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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

You've almost completed one week of home learning. Well done! The tasks today are pretty simple so you shouldn't need too much help from your adult. 

Have a good weekend.

English: Hopefully you now have a grasp of subordinate clauses. Time to move on to something else. Today, you are going to choose an event that you wrote about in your tale yesterday. For example, if you wrote the Little Red Riding hood, you may choose the moment she is talking with the wolf, who is disguised as her Grandma. I want you to then draw a comic strip for this event. This can be completed on the comic strip you were given or draw one in your workbooks.


Maths: Log on to the Khan Academy website using the link below and complete the Basic Shape assignment. There is a mix of videos and interactive worksheets to complete. 


For those that love a challenge, try and complete the whole unit at mastery level.


Foundation 1 French: Complete the French quiz in your assignments area. Try and ask your parent for a tea, with milk, in french.


Foundation 2 Science: Firstly, check out the link below. Then, when you have a few ideas, see what would work best in your garden; using materials you may have around your house or shed. (This lesson will continue next week)

Tip: Repurposing old materials is even more environmentally friendly!