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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

The answer to yesterday's riddle was a strait which is the small gap of water in the picture above.  If you can find out the name of this particular strait, you'll get a prize when you come back to school.

Also, I've had a play on some of your fantastic Egyptian games. Well done, lots of details added. 

English: Today, we need to see if you can use subordinating clauses in your everyday writing. I want you to use your poster you created on Tuesday and your jigsaws on Wednesday and rewrite a traditional tale of your choice using at least 10 subordinate clauses. I’m looking for at least a page worth of writing in your workbooks.

To challenge yourselves, mix up where you place your subordinate clause (before the main clause or after).

Tip: Traditional tales like: Red Riding Hood, Rumplestiltskin, Billy Goats Gruff etc


Maths: Investigate the flags using the link below. Answer the questions in your workbook.


Foundation 1 Science: As our current topic is Living things and their habitats, go into your garden and find where different animals live. Write up a report, with diagrams, describing and explaining what you have observed.Use the fact file template below to support.


Foundation 2 Times Tables: Log on to ttrockstars and play garage mode. Everybody is aiming to get to level 420. For those who are already there, you can play in an arena of your choice.