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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Again, some great work completed by the majority of you. Well done ! You all deserve an extra 10 minutes play time in your gardens. Make the most of it as the cold weather is coming.

If your gardens need a little spring clean, help your adult today.

p.s. I've been getting reports that Purplemash is not always allowing you to save your work. If this is the case try a few times and if you have no luck don't worry. The main thing is that you've given the activity a go. 


English: Subordinate clauses - Complete the subordinate clause jigsaw that you were given last week. If you do not have it, use the resource below.

Remember, subordinate clauses can come before or after a main clause (simple sentence). A subordinating conjunction (I SAW A WABUB) comes at the start of the subordinating clause. Finally, do not forget to use commas and fullstops where needed.


Maths: Try this challenge below:


Tip: Keep Calm and do Some Maths - They’re called challenges because they’re challenging! Keep at it!


Foundation 1 Computing: Log on to purplemash find your 2DIY3D game you started to create at school (in the work area). If you can’t find it, go to tools then open a new game.

Finish your game by adding more detail and levels. There are videos of this on Purple Mash too. To find these click on tools, 2DIY3D and then scroll down to videos.


Foundation 2 Geography: Do you remember the difference between countries and continents ? Oceans and Seas? Try the quiz on busythings.

Riddle: I am a homophone for something not curved. I am between two large bodies of water. What am I?