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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Some children are rushing their work. Be proud of the work you are doing. Do you think I would be happy with the posters you have just completed? If not, check it over. 

What ever job you do - do it to the best of your ability!


Well done to those who completed their activities yesterday. I looked on Purplemash and saw some great work! ;)

 Good luck today, I'm looking forward to seeing some more great work.



English: Subordinating Conjunctions - using your workbook or scrap paper, create your own colourful I SAW A WABUB poster with written examples being used in sentences. You will need this for tomorrow's lesson. Check out the poster below for support.


Maths: Log in to busythings and complete the two allocated perimeter assignments

Tip: Perimeter is the distance around a shape. Add all the sides up.

Extra support -


Foundation 1 Science: Complete the science activity that is in your busythings assignments.


Foundation 2  RE: It’s really important to reflect and think about things you’ve done, decisions you’ve made and how you’re feeling. Sometimes, things can get a bit scary or you may be feeling a bit lonely. I want you to go to a quiet place and write your thoughts down in your workbooks. This could be done as a diary entry or a list of points. If you want to share this with your adult then you can, if not, then it’s for you.


Tip: You could write how you feel about the current situation.