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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Good morning year 4. You are going to try something new today. Follow these instructions carefully.


1- Open the internet (web browser - google chrome or internet explorer)

2- Go to

3- In the top right hand corner click ‘sign in’

4- Log in using your school information. This is the same details you use for your chromebooks and busythings

5- Go to the top right again and click on the 9 dots in the shape of a square and find Google Classroom - click it.

6- You should then see an invite to join the Year 4 19/20 class - accept the invitation

7- Click on the volcanoes activity and a new document/tab will open

8- Once you have completed the quiz, it will save automatically.

9- Close the document/tab and on the classroom page you will be able to click 'turn in' in the top right- this means the same as submit.

English: Exploring synonyms and antonyms


Maths:Rounding decimals


Geography: Last week, you identified the countries of Europe and a few weeks before that you looked at the countries of Africa. That’s two continents. Today let’s explore Asia - a large continent that has countries like India and China.


Play this great card game  (min 2 players) by choosing the category that you think will beat the other countries, featuring all of the countries in Asia. 


Tip- It’s like Top Trumps


Science: The war of the currents

You are going to learn about the scientists that made discoveries with electricity a few hundred years ago.

Now you know a little more about the main people involved, write a fact file about Tesla.

You can do some more research on the internet to help you.