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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Thursday 18th June 2020

English: If you haven't written your story up onto paper, now is your time to do so. You will be also adding Illustrations to your story on each page if you have space. As you are 'publishing' your own book , you will need to create a front and back cover - don't forget you are both the author and the illustrator. You have today and tomorrow's English lessons to publish your story - however you can use any free time to continue this, to make it the most amazing book to read. 


Maths: Problem solving with fractions


Geography: Modern day carnival in Brazil is a celebration of the freeing of slaves -  you will learn more in next week’s history lesson. These freed slaves were taken from Africa.

Let’s have a closer look at Africa, the continent. Watch the following video  and then research each country in Africa and find me an interesting fact. Present on purple mash and save it to your folder or complete in your books.

Tip: You’re going to love the video!


Science: Insulators and Conductors are terms used when we talk about heat or electricity. Learn more about the electrical meanings in the powerpoint below, then write the definitions of each with examples and pictures.