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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Wednesday 17th June 2020

English: Writing the end of your story - use the link below to help you.


Maths: Finding a fraction of an amount


Computing: Creating a quiz - this has been set as a 2do on Purplemash.

Today you are going to create a multiple choice quiz. You need to create your quiz with questions that are about carnival. For example, your first questions could be - Which country has the carnival known as Mardi Gras?

Tip: Watch the help video on Purplemash to get you started. I can’t add the video so select the question mark button when you add your first question and the video should pop up.


RE: Have you heard of ‘Christ the Redeemer?’ Check out the fact file below and create your own fact file using more research from the Internet.

Answer these questions too:

1- What other famous statues are located around the world?

2- Why are Christ’s arms open wide?

3- Imagine being in front of the statue. How would it make you feel?

Tip: Maybe start with information about its location and draw a picture, then add facts.