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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Wednesday 10th June 2020

English: Over the next few days you are going to plan and write your own version of a story. The story you’re about to write is going to be special. If you can, try to use sheets of paper and then staple at the end to make your own illustrated book. It is going to take you over a week to plan and write this. I want you to show them to me when you come back to school. This needs to be the best writing you have ever done.

Be proud of what you do, take your time and DO NOT RUSH IT! Use all of the grammar you have learned this year.

Today you will be planning the story opening. Use the link below for your lesson. Remember to follow the KS2 - Year 3 and 4 guidance.


Maths: Equivalent fractions


Science:Electrical circuits

Think about the things around your house that are powered by electricity. This could be through a plug or batteries. They will have a circuit in them. Copy and fill in the circuits diagram from the resources below. Try not to look at the second sheet - you can use this to mark your work at the end.

Tip: Think of electricity like water. There’s current, flow and power.


RE: Watch the parable of the lost sheep and answer the following questions. Rewrite a summary of the story.

1 - What did the story of The Lost Sheep mean to you?

2- Did it surprise you that the shepherd would go to find the one lost sheep?

3 - What did you think the 99 others did?

4- When are the times you might see yourself as the lost sheep?

5- What does this story tell you about God?