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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Welcome back!

You are now in your last half-term before year 5. You have worked so well when you were at school and a lot of you continue to do so from home.

The topic for this half-term is Carnivals and Fairgrounds.

Spelling:See below for the new spellings of the week and write each word 5 times in your handwriting books


English: Using all of your senses (touch, taste, smell, hear and see) and a bit of imagination, I want you to watch the video below and then write a descriptive paragraph about the inside of a circus big top.


Tip: Imagine a friend was waiting outside the tent and you had to tell them exactly what it is like. How would you describe it?


Maths:Multiplying and dividing problem solving


Art: Draw your own circus tent. Use a steady hand for this one. Pause the video whenever you need to (press the space bar).


Music: This half term you will be learning about the music of Brazil - the samba! Open the slide show below and follow the instructions. Have fun!


Tip: The drumming in the music is synonymous (closely linked) with the Brazilian carnival.

Extra Tip: The hyperlinks (words or buttons that take you to another webpage) will only work if you are in slide show mode.