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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

English:Using inverted commas to show speech


Maths:Addition and subtraction problems


Science: All animals exhibit symmetry, including humans. We’ve looked at symmetry before, with basic shapes in maths lessons. 

Symmetry: if you put a line down the middle of something, one side looks like the other - just mirrored.

Check out the activity below to practise drawing symmetrically.


Art: Going off topic slightly, I saw a new Banksy art memorial unveiled at the Southampton General Hospital last week and thought it would be fun if you could create your own Banksy style street art.


Have a look at his latest work, then try and create your own. 

Tip: Banksy uses stencils,then spray paint, but you can use any medium you want (pen, pencils, charcoal).