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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

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This week we will be using BBC Bitesize for our English and Maths and some of our topics. 

We will focus and revise key grammar and maths concepts.

Also, I have been looking at times table rockstars stats (statistics) and can see which children are working hard - well done!

Spelling:See below for the new spellings of the week and write each word 5 times in your handwriting books.


English: Identifying when to use pronouns. Follow the instructions and complete the activities.


Maths: Place value for 4 digit numbers


History: How to be an historian? You need to ask the right questions. Learn more below.  Indiana Jones was a type of historian called an archaeologist. Challenge: Try and find out the difference is.


Music: Singing skills - use your new skills to sing the shanty you wrote last week.