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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Before you do anything guys, check this out!

English: You are a Spanish sailor aboard one of the ships in the Spanish Armada. It is the evening and you have just survived the fire ships attack sent by the English. Write a diary entry about your day. 


Tip: 1st person, use nautical words, rich vocabulary, a range of punctuation, no speech and aim for a page of writing with paragraphs.



The topic for today is: Multi-step word problems

Open the file below to access resources, choose 2 or 3 stars depending on how much you want to be challenged.

Tip: Solve one step of the question at a time. 


Foundation 1 Geography: The world’s climates are affected by many things. Explorers need to know the climates of areas they were exploring so they could prepare well. Learn more about the world’s climates and complete the activity below.


Foundation 2: Science: Free science - open the resource below and choose an activity from the selection - have fun!!