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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

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English: Today we are going to focus on nautical words that are to do with boats or the sea. (pirates spoke with a certain slang too).

Pretend you are a swashbuckling adventurer. Check out the Pirate Lingo resource and write a few sentences describing your boat. You could even write a short story about finding treasure on a tropical island in the Atlantic.

Tip: Nautical - anything to do with navigation, sailors, or the sea; maritime.



The topic for today is:Finding change

Open the file below to access resources 


Foundation 1 RE: Even around the time of Jesus, boats were very important. Especially for fisherman. Find out more about Jesus and Simon on a boat in Lake Gennesaret. Answer the questions on the powerpoint in your books.


Foundation 2 DT: Make your own explorer ship. You can use the video below or your own. Try changing the flag to a country’s flag if you don’t want to be a pirate.