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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

English: Continuing from yesterday’s lesson about the Spanish Armada, you are going to plan a verbal radio news report. To do this, use the planning sheet in the resources below.


Tip: Pretend you were watching the Spanish Armada Battle from the White Cliffs of Dover. Your interviewees could be Philip, Elizabeth and Drake



The topic for today is: Adding money

Open the file below to access resources 


Foundation 1 Computing: Coding - Learn about Events

(Apologies guys - I have now unlocked 'Conditionals' for you to complete, as well as today's lesson)

Log on to busy things and navigate to Computing, Busy Code and Code Disco.

Scroll down to Section 4 - Events.


Foundation 2 Science: Open the Our Freshwater slide presentation in the resources below. Watch the videos and pay particular attention to the Pacific Salmon life cycle. 

Then draw and label your own lifecycle of a Pacific Salmon. 

Tip: Search in images on the Internet for examples of lifecycles for pacific salmon to give you colourful and interesting ways to display your information.