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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Welcome back for another week of home learning. This week we are going to learn more about famous explorers and go over maths learning we have covered in year 4. It's really important you keep practising your maths so you're ready for lessons when you're back at school. 

Tip: practise maths little and often and you will never forget!

Spelling: See below for the new spellings of the week and write each word 5 times in your handwriting books.



Write about the life of Christopher Columbus. Use your internet research skills to find credible(true) information about him.


The topic for today is: Adding three or four numbers

Open the file below to access resources 


Foundation 1 Humanities: Learn about The Spanish Armada by watching the videos below. When you have done so and you have a good grasp of what actually happened, try the map activity in the resources section below. 

If you can't print off the map, snip it, then paste it into paint or powerpoint and complete online or draw a rough sketch in your books.

Tip: 1588 is the year you need to focus on - don’t worry about the smaller battles in other years.


Foundation 2 Languages: Access busythings and complete the animal spanish animal activity in your assignments. Then, draw an animal with its spanish name below.