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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

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1. Read ‘Younger Brother’ by Trevor Millum

• Practise reading the poem in your head and then out loud.

• Does the poem remind you of anybody you know? How many

different objects does the younger brother collect? The words for

these objects are nouns. (Nouns are a person, place or thing).

• Use the Revision Card to help you remember about nouns, verbs and


2. Search for nouns, verbs and adjectives: ‘In the Cave’

• Read the poem ‘In the Cave’. Try highlighting the nouns in this poem in

one colour. Now search for verbs and highlight those a different

colour. Finally search for and highlight adjectives.

3. Making up new lines: ‘The Teacher’s Day in Bed’

• Read the poem ‘The Teacher’s Day in Bed’.

• Highlight the nouns and verbs in this poem.

• Make some more lines – other animals and what they could do in the

classroom. Can you think of three more?



The topic for today is: Written Multiplication

Scroll down to ‘Multiplication 4 digits by 1 digit’ and complete 3 sheets of your choice. 

Use column method to work these out.

Tip: Use for support


Foundation 1 Science: Learn more about the rainforest’s Layers and Habitats


Foundation 2 Art: Follow the instructions on the video below to draw a ship.

Tip: Pause regularly to draw