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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

English: Do you know the story of Easter from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday? Test your knowledge by completing the Easter Story in Brief activity.

Tip: Use the picture template to support you if needed.


Maths: Play five games of your choice on active learn. Can you succeed at the Gold Level?

Tip: Remember to watch the videos on active learn or khan academy if you struggle with any of the written methods.


Foundation 1 Geography: Did your parents have a tea or coffee this morning? Do you know where tea and coffee come from? Have a look at the activity to find out more.

Tip: You’re going to need to have good country knowledge for this one. Use this atlas to find the location of any countries you’re not sure about.


Foundation 2 Science: Whilst we’re on the subject of countries, you need to now research the weather in the British Isles. Find out this weekend's weather using the link below and then write a weather report using the busy things template.