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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Good morning Year 4. Well done to all the children working hard to complete the activities that have been added so far. Keep at it, Easter is only around the corner.

English:Now it’s time to write your own descriptive poem using personification. Write this in your Home Learning Books.

Tip: think of a noun to write about that’s not living, then give it human characteristics.


Maths:Times Table Rockstars - keep pushing and get to level 420! It will make your life easier in year 5 and 6. Play around 10 games then click the link below.

Foundation 1 Computing: Busy things, KS2 computing, Busy Code, Code Disco and complete Section 1 and 2. Learn the basic and Loops to be on your way to becoming a coding King/Queen!


Foundation 2: DT: Make something Easter Related. You can use one of the following ideas:

Chocolate Easter Nests -

3D Easter Card -

Paper Chick -

or something of your choice, but it must be hands on!