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St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

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  • 5th January 2021 Remote Learning

    Published 04/01/21, by Mr Nagre

    Remote Learning

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  • 24.9.20

    Published 23/09/20, by Mr Nagre

    English: Follow the powerpoint and complete the activity

    Maths: Watch the video to learn how to answer multiplication questions using the column method

    Answer the questions on the worksheet using this method.

    RE: Write a fact file about Joseph – Start by watching the video then complete your own research

    Times Tables: Create your own times table poster up to 12 x 12 that can go on your bedroom wall at home.

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  • 23.9.20

    Published 22/09/20, by Mr Nagre

    English: Draw a comic of the myth of Romulus and Remus

    Maths: Time – Complete worksheet

    PE: Watch and take part

    History: Use the key events cards to draw and write your own roman timeline.

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  • 22.9.20

    Published 22/09/20, by Mr Nagre

    English: Read the myth – Romulus and Remus and answer the comprehension questions

    Maths: Tell the time – Complete the worksheet

    RE: Watch the video about the wise ruler Soloman. Think of 3 questions that are hard to answer then write what you think Soloman would say.

    Science:  Observing gasses – Read the comic and then complete the science investigation

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  • Week 2 - 14/9/20

    Published 14/09/20, by Mr Nagre


    1. - Write a book review for the last book you read.
    2. - Watch 'My Octopus Teacher' on Netflix. If you could have an animal friend, what would it be? Draw a picture or write a story.
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  • Week 1 - 7/9/20

    Published 07/09/20, by Mr Nagre

    Please enter an introduction for your blog post here.

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  • 16.7.20

    Published 16/07/20, by Mr Nagre

    This is your last blog in Year 4. You have done amazingly, in what has been a crazy year!

    Well done those of you who have shows discipline, motivation and resourcefulness during this home learning period.

    Have fun with today's lessons and have a fantastic summer!

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  • 15.7.20

    Published 14/07/20, by Mr Nagre
    English:Creating characters   Maths: Introducing line graphs   Computing: Golden time - Explore Purplemash and Busythings. Hav
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  • 14.7.20

    Published 13/07/20, by Mr Nagre

    English: Enjoying reading


    Maths: Comparing data


    History: Last week we looked at the Seven Wonders of the world. Today, you are going to have fun colouring in some black and white pictures. If you know how you can snip the pictures and colour them in using your computer - 



    1- click bottom left of your computer and write ‘snip’

    2- when snip opens, click ‘new’ and drag a box around the colouring in sheet.

    3- Right click on the picture and click ’copy’

    4- Click bottom left of your computer again and search for paint

    5- when paint opens click on the paste button or right click over the blank screen and click paste


    Languages:Watch the Kings Secret in french and summarise using a storyboard.


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  • 13.7.20

    Published 13/07/20, by Mr Nagre
    Spelling: Spot the mistake. Complete the Mr Whoops activity below.   English: Reading and understanding texts   Maths: Interpret charts
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  • 10.7.20

    Published 09/07/20, by Mr Nagre


    English: Bitesize Daily Book Club: Slime by David Walliams


    Maths: Challenges for Year 4


    DT: Make a ferris wheel - now is the time to use those lolly sticks!

    Like with the carousel, if you have more equipment at home then feel free to use a different instructional video.


    Times Tables:You can’t let your times table knowledge slip. Keep working towards level 420. Those that are there, keep practising on tt rockstars or try minebirds on busythings.


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  • 9.7.20

    Published 08/07/20, by Mr Nagre

    English: Rhyming in poetry


    Maths: Solving money problems


    Geography: Italy hosts some very well known Volcanoes. Learn more about them here.


    Science: How do electric cars work?

    Have a look at the video below and then design your own electric car. Add technical details if you can.


    Tip: Tesla is the biggest electric car company. Good name right?

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